Function and Mobility Screening

Function and Mobility Screening  th4ZF94EUA

Functional screening is a process widely used in most sports, at all levels, to provide both athlete and coach with an indication of joint mobility, muscular symmetry and stability and details of the motor pattern present.

The Function and Mobility Screen used here in PhysioFit Kildare is an adapted form of the widely known Functional Movement Screen (FMS). There are 10 tests as opposed to the 7 used in the FMS test. These tests identify movement competency for strength, stability and mobility. Along with the 7 tests used in the FMS, a further 3 dynamic movement tests are also included. These additional tests incorporate movement patterns represented in various sports. Each test is graded through a 3 point scoring system (similar to the FMS test) and a total out of 30 is given at the end. Each of the 10 tests have a different purpose and identifying component. The higher the score the better the function and mobility of the athlete.

The Function and Mobility Screen is aimed to identify asymmetries and areas of weakness in the athlete and then give concise instructions, exercises and advice on how to alter these issues and better the biomechanics of the limb involved.