Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow /lateral epicondylitisTennis_elbow_lg

This is a very common condition seen on the outer aspect of the elbow, where tenderness and pain are present.

Activities such as lifting, gripping, opening jars and twisting the forearm are generally painful.

It is very commonly linked to playing tennis because it is due to the rotation of the wrist and the grip involved in holding the racquet.

However most people who present with this complaint don’t play tennis at all but develop the condition from activities such as gardening, housework, decorating or playing a musical instrument.

If your elbow pain is caused by strenuous or repetitive activity, then you should avoid that activity until your symptoms are gone.

Ice the elbow with an ice pack for 10 mins on, 10 mins off- perform this several times as day as tolerated

Take anti-inflammatory tablets if pain is persistent

If pain doesn’t start to settle down by avoiding aggravating activity, icing and/or taking anti- innflammatories then contact your local physiotherapist for a consultation

Manual treatment for tennis elbow is very effective, however the earlier it is treated the better the outcome